Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

San Luis Obispo CA & Surrounding Areas

Scheduling professional rug cleaning from time to time is one of the best steps that you can take to keep your home clean and fresh, and we are the company that you can rely on for all of your rug cleaning needs. Area rugs must be handled with care, yet they also must receive deep cleaning treatments in order to keep them looking great and smelling fresh. You may have stains and trouble areas on your rugs, or you may simply notice that they have become odorous and discolored due to general dirt and dust build up across the entire rug. These are all issues that we can help you with.

How We Protect Your Rugs
When your rugs are stained, smelly or generally dirty, you understandably want them cleaned. However, you may also be aware that the fibers and dyes that are used with some area rugs are delicate. These must be handled with care, or you run the risk of having your colors bleed or your rugs warped and misshapen. When you contact our office for area rug cleaning service, we will visit your home to determine the best cleaning treatment possible for your specific needs. Whether you have one rug or several, we can give you a customized quote tailored to you. If you are ready to proceed with the cleaning treatment, we can remove the rugs and professionally clean them for you with minimal time.

The Deep Cleaning Results You Want
There are various methods that may be used to clean rugs based on the types of rugs in your home. Generally, spots and stains may be treated initially before the entire rug is cleaned. The rugs may be thoroughly shaken to loosen ground-in dirt, and a safe, effective cleaning solution will be applied based on the dyes and fibers in the rugs. The rugs will then be professionally dried so that their shape is retained. Once the rug is cleaned, it will be returned to your home. While your dirty, stained rugs may be eyesores in your home right now, we have the skills and techniques necessary to make them a treasured addition to your home décor once again.

You may be interested in scheduling professional rug cleaning service because of a spot or stain or because you feel that your rugs require deep cleaning treatment. This is a safe, effective way to give your rugs the deep cleaning treatment they need. We are an established rug cleaning company that has effective techniques that can be used with a wide range of rug types, and we will tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact our office today to set up an in-home appointment with our team.